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                      About JAB

                      Who we are?

                      Shanghai JAB Electronic Technology CO.,LTD is a connectors manufactory located in Pu Dong district, Shanghai, China.

                      What we have?

                      JAB has imported highly efficient and standard CNC lathes, precise auto lathes and  other relative machines abroad. It has been ISO 9001-2008, and 14001:2004 certificated. At the same time, JAB possesses a rich experienced technical team, which is highly responsible for maintaining and improving products quality and designing new products for customer’ special requirements.



                      Contact JAB

                      Shanghai JAB Electric Technology CO.,LTD

                      Tel:        +86-021-61625038

                      Mobil:     +86-13918762311

                      Email:     zjp@jabsh.com

                      Web:      www.czpfit.com

                      Skype:    joe.chow116 

                      QQ:        438389296

                      Address:  No.277, Zheqiao Road, Pudong district, Shanghai, China